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I am a Spanish journalist at Cadena SER (Prisa Group), the radio network leader in Spain. Specialized in investigative and data journalism, I have been working for over a decade on the investigation of political and economic malpractices in Spain, and uncovered high profile international corruption cases. I have published in major print media and acted as deputy director of television. Authored of two books, one about the social change in Spain; and another one about the rise of indignados (Occupy) movement. I have published two essays about the challenges of democracy in Europe and collaborate for several digital media and TV channels. For these works, I have been awarded the Prize for Personal Commitment from the Urban Club Debates for the contribution to unveil the impact of real estate corruption in the city of Madrid.


  • Columbia University. 2014 Summer Investigative Reporting Course in conjunction with the Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism.
  • Degree in Communication (Journalism), University of Complutense in Madrid, 2004. 



  • Cadena SER (PRISA GROUP) At the Investigative Unit since 2006, specialist in Investigative reporting, I have research, cover and reveal some of the most relevant political and economic cases in Spain and it judicial processes; such as shady deals from the governing political party Treasurer, the Chamber of Commerce Vice-president and the Madrid province Governor through contracts of water management services in Latin America by a government-owned company. Among other stories, as the uncovered of a system of illegal adoption of minors from Guinea Bissau; the known as ‘Cémex case’ in which the government fired a tax agency officer in order to exempt the mexican oil company a sanction of €450 million; the flow of millions of dollars from the Spanish Government to the religious organization the Legion of Christ (LC); or the Multimedia coverage of the 15M Indignados (Occupy) movement which was thoroughly featured by a number of international media.
  • Weekly reports on politics and social issues in W Radio Mexico and W Radio Colombia.
  • Researcher and producer of ‘Rekonstrucción’, a podcast based on investigative stories.


  • Eldiario.es at “Cuadernos”, magazine specialized in long read articles. Reports on Bankia case and the prosecution against its former ex president, Miguel Blesa, and on evasion of capitals to Swiss banks (2013, 2014).
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, monographic about Euro crisis and Spanish Government measures (2012).
  • Interviú magazine, investigative reports about politics and youth culture (2000-04).


  • Analyst at the National TV channel Cuatro at “Las mañanas de Cuatro” morning show and Publico.es TV. Previously in ANTENA 3 TV, LOCALIA TV, CANAL SUR TV and Extremadura TV.
  • Deputy Director of "La Actualidad en 2 D" (LA SEXTA), weekly news and political debate program (2005–06)
  • Co-Anchor at late show T-Blog, LOCALIA TV (PRISA GROUP)


  • Columnist as a analyst at estrelladigital.es, radiocable.com y escolar.net. 


  • Currently professor of Data and Investigative Journalism at Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid.



I have written 2 books and contributed to another 3 publications.

  • "Young and Pissed: A Youth Rebellion and the 14-M" (Ed. B), published at age 24. Chronicle about the political awakening of the young Spaniards during the 1996-2004 period. 15.000 copies sold. Quoted in international global analysis, high profile doctorate thesis, and books. 
  • “They Don´t Represent Us: The Manifesto of the Outraged" " (Ed. Planeta, 2012). More than 25.000 copies sold (Italian edition on by Ed. Marco Tropea)
  • Anthology "A Soul for Europe", collective essay about the challenges of democracy and economy in Europe, published in German (Europa Verlag, Jan 2015). Chapter “In Europe we (don´t?) Trust”.
  • Berlin Anthology “A literary bailout for Europe”, collective essay published in English and German. Chapter “Be brave. Tell the truth” (Verlag Editorial, 2013)
  • Preface to the book “#DemocraciaHacker” (Ed. Algón editores, 2013).

Many references have been made upon my writings by national and international media. Among others, Le Monde Diplomatique (France); Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die Zeit magazine, Der Spiegel (Germany); El País, El Mundo, Radio Televisión Pública Española, Público (Spain); Il Sole, La Republica (Italy); Morgenbladet (Norway).


Participant as speaker or panelist in numerous conferences and lectures at different universities, institutions and festivals across Spain, Europe and Latin America. Among others:

  • Newsgeist Europe 2016 Conference; Global Editors Network (GEN) Summit 2015; and the 16th International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ, Austin). 
  • Speaker at Seminar "Inequality in Latin America as an engine of news stories" Organized by The Foundation for a New Latin American Journalism (FNPI), Intermon Oxfam and La Prensa of Panamá, Panamá City November, 2014. A score of journalists in Latin America and Spain shared experiences on how to tell the inequality from the media.
  • Speaker in 'La Promessa dell'UE' (The Promise of the EU), Rome, September 2014. Forum organized by Ministry of Economic Development of Italy, RAI, European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Fondazione MAXXI about the European Democracy, citizenship, and the role of the media. 
  • International Festival of Literature, ILB, Berlin, Germany. Section “Europe Now” 2014. Lectures as a speaker: “New goals in Europe, political and financial markets” and “Tax Europe, what is working in Europe” Presentation of the essay authored by me “Be brave; Tell the truth”.
  • UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, Panamá 2010. Speaker at the Third international conference for Latin American journalists.
  • Congress of Digital Journalism, Huesca, Spain. Panel “Dealing with sources in investigative journalism” 2009 Edition and “Women journalists and opinion leaders” 2014 Edition.
  • Board Member of the Strategy Group of "A soul for Europe", an initiative driven by the European Parliament to debate about the social and cultural challenges in Europe and create and impact.


A strong capability to coordinate and drive collective projects. At work, I normally has to manage and coordinate investigative reporting between the Madrid based Cadena SER headquarters and the local stations that are part of the Network. 

Passionate with news and with the processes of digital change in Journalism, I regularly work with large leaks of journalistic data. I always try to improve and develop methodologies to receive, organize, access, collaborate and distribute information within and across newsrooms, and also with the public to deliver timely, accessible and relevant news.

I speak and write in English, Spanish and I can communicate in French.